Shark Tower was born with the idea of redefining modern architecture giving it a special purpose:

the conservation of our sharks. Together with Saving Our Sharks we are doing it.


The ecosystem is badly damaged. We have extinct species and others are in danger of disappearing. We are killing this beautiful species without knowing how important they are to the entire world.


Between 6.4% and 7.9% of all shark species are killed annually


100 million sharks are killed every year


30 years of research in Quintana Roo without any reports of shark incidents


There are many reasons why they are killed: the illegal practice of finning that consists of cutting the fins of the living shark and returning it to the sea so they don’t declare it in port and they save space on the boat.

Mass murders of sharks for retail are also taking place, shark parts are being sold at an unfairly low price. Unfortunately, Mexico faces all the problems related to the shark.

These actions are bringing sharks to the brink of extinction.


They kill weak and sick beings, leaving healthy oceans. Their immune system is interesting because they don't get sick.

With this, they protects corals that would otherwise have an excess of algae, suffocating marine life and suffocating the seas. .

If sharks disappear, corals disappear increasing global warming, raising carbon levels and increasing climate change. .

In addition, there would be a negative impact on the world economy and health..


Within SHARK TOWER we will build a state-of-the-art research laboratory that, with the help of expert biologists and various scientists, will study the behavior and ecology of these marine animals, emphasizing the effect of human activity in the ocean.

We are collaborating with SAVING OUR SHARKS an association that for more than 10 years has been dedicated themselves to caring for and studying sharks together with a group of biologists, divers and above all shark lovers.


Thanks to donations and the destination of a percentage of Shark Tower
sales there have been great results together:

  • It has been possible to save more than 100 pregnant bull shark females and their babies.
  • An agreement was reached with fishermen to fix their hyperbaric chamber and in return, the fishermen have pledged not to fish sharks smaller than 2 meters.
  • With diving training, it has been possible to show that the tourist swim with sharks is more profitable for fishermen than selling fins for human consumption.
  • Acoustic, satellite and visual telemetry programs have been installed to monitor the animal in real time from Quintana Roo to Belize and throughout the Gulf of Mexico.
  • There are environmental education programs in schools, universities and in congresses and conferences
  • The first Bull Shark Identification Guide has been created in the entire Caribbean.


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